Joel's Story

Joel’s Thoughts on His Art

Art is about life, growing up, and getting older.

My art is very serious to me.

I get my ideas from movies, rock and roll music, and family that I enjoy.

When I am doing my art it feels like I am free, sometimes free falling.

I just want a normal real life because love is real.

My nickname is “J Positive” because I am a positive person.

It makes me feel very good when people like my art.



Born in 1995 in Ottawa, Canada, Joel (J Positive) Jamensky was diagnosed with Down syndrome. His parents immediately embraced the unexpected adventure they were about to embark on. Joel has developed his own unique artistic perspective which was encouraged by his Mom from a young age. His art has always brought joy to all who see it. Joel participates and exhibits in two local artistic and education groups in Ottawa, BEING and DragonFly, both who have been extremely supportive of Joel’s artistic vision, which continues to evolve. 

In addition to his artistic endeavours, Joel also loves to cook, and is proud to have achieved his Kitchen Steward Certificate from Algonquin College. He has worked in multiple professional kitchens, and also considers cooking another form of art. The two years of COVID were a difficult time for Joel, as his long time kitchen job and all his other in-person programs were discontinued. He struggled with isolation, mental health, and depression. However he took that opportunity to spend more time on his art, and we were encouraged to launch the Art By J Positive store in February 2022. This has given Joel a newfound sense of pride.

Joel enjoys movies and sports, and continues to play on his special needs hockey team - the Capital City Condors - while also cheering for the Ottawa Senators in his spare time. He has been an accomplished downhill skier since 5 years old and participates in Special Olympics. 

Joel resides in Ottawa today with his family.


In the News

Front page article in both the Ottawa Citizen and Ottawa Sun newspapers, March 2023.

Television feature on CTV National News, November 2022.

Online article in Carleton University's Capital Current, September 2022.

Cover article in Centrepointe & City View July issue.



DIYabled and This Body is Worthy Unrecognized Potential - Disability Pride Art Show, at Different Wrld in Asheville, North Carolina July-August 2022.

The Holy Art Gallery virtual exhibit, June-July 2023.

Permanent art exhibition at Simply Biscotti, April 2023.

Featured guest artist of Rita Winkler Art, first featured in January 2023.

DIYabled Unrecognized Potential - Disability Pride Art Show, at Revolve in Asheville, North Carolina July-August 2022.

Currently showcased on the MFF creative network, first featured in June 2022.

Tangled Art and Disability BEING exhibition in Toronto, Ontario January-April 2022. 

Multiple exhibitions at BEING and Dragonfly in Ottawa, Ontario starting from 2017.