We are pleased to be able to give back to the wonderful organizations that have all played a role in shaping Joel into the remarkable young man he is today.

All of these institutions do an amazing job of providing a welcoming, challenging, and educational space for individuals with developmental disabilities. They also provide a very special social environment for individuals who very often have limited opportunity for social interactions. They are crucial in providing opportunities for development, a sense of belonging, and pride in one's accomplishments. 

10% of all Art By J Positive proceeds, and 100% of any donation you make, will be shared between these fantastic organizations:

  • BEING studio supports artists with developmental disabilities who are working in visual art and creative writing.
  • The Capital City Condors are a family of ice hockey teams for those who are unable to play on any other hockey team due to a cognitive and/or physical disability.
  • Dragonfly develops critical skills needed by learners with Down syndrome.

We also made additional 100% donations for 2023. These amazing organizations have directly helped Joel or others like him in their journey:

    • The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential (IAHP): Joel attended the IAHP and we followed their intensive stimulation program from ages 1-6 years old. We are forever grateful to their absolutely wonderful staff for providing Joel with the foundation for his many accomplishments. 100% of proceeds from September 24-30 are donated to the IAHP, which is being in conjunction with their Tony Robbins Challenge.
    • Down Syndrome Association of Northeast Ohio: Joel is participating virtually in their annual fundraiser and Buddy Walk on team Callum's Crew. 100% of proceeds from August 5 will be donated to the Callum's Crew team.
    • Capital City Condors: Joel is celebrating his 13th season playing on the Condors, so 100% of proceeds from June 17-20 are donated to the Condors. This donation is being done in conjunction with the Kyle Turris Capital City Condors Golf Invitational, which is the Condors largest fundraiser of the year. It's always a great time, and we look forward to seeing you all there!
    • Camp Misquah: Since 2010 Joel has attended Camp Misquah, which is an amazing summer camp that provides a special residential camping experience for adults and children with special needs. 100% of proceeds from May 26-29 are donated to Camp Misquah. This donation is being done in conjunction with Team Misquah’s participation in Ottawa Race Weekend, which Joel was excited to be running in again this year!

Joel says "sharing is a good thing." Thank you for your generous support. 🙏